Ambulances | A coalition of companies wants a professional order and funding

(Montreal) Now that paramedics are called in to reinforce hospitals, ambulance companies estimate that part of the 1 billion announced to bring nurses back into the public sector could be used to finance this practice.

Quebec has announced measures to bring 4,300 nurses back into the public network and hire administrative officers. He said he was ready to devote $ 1 billion to it. Quebec has not achieved its objective to date.

Thanks to a ministerial decree, paramedics were called in to assist emergency rooms, hospitals, CHSLDs and CLSCs. And both ambulance companies and paramedical unions are delighted.

Except that the funding must match, argues the Coalition of paramedical services companies of Quebec, which represents ambulance companies in several regions of Quebec, which employ 1000 paramedics.

Also, as paramedics will be able to perform acts inside hospitals that they could previously only perform in their vehicles, the coalition fears that they may eventually be submitted to the Order of Nurses. Rather, the coalition advocates the creation of a professional order specific to paramedics, as well as acts reserved for them.

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