A SAMU (Mobile Emergency Care Service) vehicle overturned on Friday (14), in Blumenau (SC), after being hit by a passenger car at the intersection of Rua Nereu Ramos and Rua Coronel Vidal, both on the downtown area.

The vehicle was on its way to the care of a woman who had suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest in the neighborhood of Progresso. The victim died before an area contingency team had arrived at the scene. Details of the patient who died were not released.

Photo: reproduction

According to preliminary information, the collision occurred because a driver of a white Hyundai HB20 vehicle would not have heard the ambulance siren. The passenger car driver was not injured.

A nurse present in Samu’s car suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene. The driver and a doctor were also inside the vehicle and were taken to a medical base of the Fire Department in Blumenau, dispensing emergency care.

A video recorded shortly after the accident shows a man trying to break the front glass of the overturned ambulance to try to get the professionals out of the Samu. Everyone can get out through the side window, according to the Fire Department.