Amazon Warehouse Deals: Another 20 percent discount

With the warehouse deals you can save a lot at Amazon. Because returns and B-goods – often only with small blemishes or damaged packaging – are sold much cheaper there. As part of the Amazon Prime Day there is an additional 20 percent discount on all products.

20 percent extra discount on Amazon warehouse deals

To add even more to the buying mood on Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon currently has numerous exciting offers up its sleeve. The warehouse deals are particularly cheap: Amazon is currently offering its customers an exclusive discount of 20 percent. The extra discount is automatically deducted at the checkout in the last step of the ordering process.

The offer applies to all opened and used products. You can find more details and conditions for the promotion on the specially set up Amazon offer page.

Warehouse Deals are Amazon’s B-goods. These are usually returned items; often also about goods whose packaging has been damaged in any other way, e.g. during transport to the warehouse. Amazon gives a condition category and a short condition description for each warehouse deal. In the case of goods in the “Very good” category, you can usually strike without hesitation, and the goods are often still in their original packaging. Problems such as “small scratches on the side” are noted in the description.

Renegotiating can be worthwhile

Warehouse Deals: The discount is automatically deducted at the checkout.
Warehouse Deals: The discount is automatically deducted at the checkout.

Image: Amazon

If you do not like a product or the damage is more severe than stated, you have the option of sending the product back without any problems. Tip: Often you can even renegotiate a few percent with Amazon customer support. Simply send photos of the damage with a few friendly words to support.

You can find out how good the condition of the used products actually is in this article.

Amazon Prime: Try for 30 days

During the one and a half days of Prime Days, the offers are only valid for Prime customers – but also for everyone who only uses a test membership. This is valid for 30 days and offers you all the benefits of a Prime subscription without restriction.

If you want to keep Prime membership, there is nothing else you need to do. However, the subscription then costs around 7.99 a month.

If you don’t like the subscription, you have to cancel it promptly, but you should then check again whether all your data has been removed.

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