Altos Hornos rejects agreement with Villacero

It is not a lawyer or representative of Villacero who claims the agreement, AHMSA said. (ARCHIVE)

After clarifying that the agreement for the sale of Altos Hornos de México shares to the consortium owned by Julio Villarreal was canceled on August 25, 2021, the date on which it was officially communicated to the stock exchange and banking commission, Francisco Orduña Mangiola , AHMSA spokesman pointed out that Francisco Muñoz is not a lawyer or representative of anything.

The director of the Monclova steel company explained that the agreement that had been signed prescribed for non-compliance and by expiration date.

He added that this was notified to the Mexican Stock Exchange on August 25, 2021; and about Francisco Muñoz, he indicated that this person does not work for Villacero, does not represent the interests of Julio Villarreal’s business group and is not mentally “very focused.”

“That guy claimed that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked him to take charge of the Attorney General’s Office and he says that AMLO always consults him”, but none of that is true.

Orduña Mangiola dismissed any statement by the individual, who is alien to Villacero and the commercial negotiations that may exist between that industry and Altos Hornos de México.

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