Already away from the Frente de Todos, the block of provincial deputies SER Unidos met in Puerto San Julián

Statement from the block of provincial deputies of SER Unidos:

NEITHER officialism, nor opposition, we are the people

As we announced last days, we have made the right political decision to move away from the front bloc of all, in the provincial legislature.

The reasons are very clear, numerous and of public knowledge.

The situation of our province and mainly of our inhabitants is inadmissible

The original function of state policies are absent and the present ones are clearly insufficient and misguided.

That is why we invite the legislators of other benches and / or party members to join and initiate the correct policies that promote and build the necessary possibilities for the generation of private productive activities and the generation of employment, the effectiveness in the administration of the state and with public sector workers with salaries that cover the basic food basket, not with misery salaries.

After almost two years of participation in front of everyone and feeling the political disregard, in our contribution and seeing that in the timeline the repetition of state policies are always of poor result, accumulating a historical negative balance, which They have led the province to underfunding and its inhabitants to impoverishment and the lack of personal and collective development, in a society that increasingly and rightly demands work, education, health, justice, among other things that are indisputably absolute responsibility. about politic.

These issues that we enunciate, which are not minor, are the cause of the reality that we Santa Cruz live in, they are our limit, we firmly believe that politics is the tool by which needs are solved and common welfare is generated, but without the vocation of service of the legislative and executive representatives it is impossible to try to change this unfortunate course regarding what the people live and what the government of a province decides that has all the conditions to be a model to follow if it decided to enhance its resources and rule for the people.

From this new political and pluralistic space, we will continue to contribute our legislative work in defense of all the inhabitants of SANTA CRUZ.

Because we consider that the obligation we have is with the people and for the people.

Because we understand that the destiny of the province is compromised when we see partisan selfishness over the common interest.

We work to carry out projects that take the people of Santa Cruz out of this downward spiral, we urge to work for the big SANTACRUZ, developed with a happy people that has work, health, education, justice and representatives who comply with the people and not with personal interests. and sector.

You have to govern for the people.

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