Almost all of Spider-Man’s villains feature in new ‘No Way Home’ poster

This coming December 17, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ It will be released in all the cinemas of the world and therefore, a new poster with almost all the villains of the film has been released by the studio.

While it has already been confirmed that William Dafoe, Jamie Foxx, Thomas Haden Church, Rhys Ifans y Alfred Molina will appear in the film, what is truly exciting about this new poster are the comments and rumors that have arisen around it, because just as comicbook reports, these may not be “all” the villains we will see in the movie.

Although it is already a fact that within the MCU absolutely all the villains of the “Sinister Six” from Spider-Man, let us remember that the alliances of Disney they now include franchises that Sony has controlled for many years.

A very important one? Venom, who is canon in the world of ‘Morbius‘which will premiere this next January 28, 2022, so we can assume that although he will not appear in’No Way Home‘(because it doesn’t exist as such yet), the events of the film will set important precedents for yours.

And since Morbius claims to be “Venom”In his trailer –referring to him as if he were a fearsome villain–, it is possible that we are facing the events that make this Venom anti-hero into a true villain.

Also, let’s not forget this post-credits scene from ‘Let There Be Carnage‘, so there are definitely still a lot of surprises for this movie.

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