Alliance of Puma Energy and Banco de Alimentos Rosario to assist more than 76,000 people

As part of the support activities to alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Puma Energy donated six months of fuel supply to the Rosario Food Bank (BAR), which were allocated to the vehicles that the entity uses to provide food aid to more than 76,000 people in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe.
This humanitarian entity has already distributed more than 5 million food items since the beginning of the pandemic, assisting 315 soup kitchens, picnic areas and neighborhood organizations throughout Rosario, where 63 percent of the beneficiaries are boys and girls under 12 years of age.
“We have a strong commitment to the communities where we operate, so the proposed alliance with Banco de Alimentos Rosario seemed like a formidable opportunity to continue building bridges of solidarity in this difficult time,” said Enrique Humanes, chief director and VP of Operations. from Puma Energy Argentina.
For her part, Claudia Almenarez, director of Resource Management at BAR, added: “We want to thank Puma Energy for helping us to strengthen our rescue operational cycle, which allows us to reach more places, recover more food and assist more people. that today suffer food insecurity. Transport logistics is one of the most important costs that the BAR has, and this contribution allows us to fulfill our main objective, which is to reach more and more people with a better food offer ”.
Once again, Puma Energy reaffirms its commitment to solidarity through an alliance with an organization with a recognized track record such as Banco de Alimentos Rosario.
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