All the loves that went through Erika Ender’s life and what is her current decision

In 2011 Erika Ender, the songwriter of the hit ‘Despacito’, married Mexican Javier Olmedo, but it is not known when the two decided to go their separate ways and separate.

Little was known about that relationship, since the singer-songwriter has always decided to keep her private life a secret. Or at least that’s what he did until he met true love.

A love that came to complete it

At the beginning of this year Erika Ender published a black and white photo presenting her new boyfriend, a situation that surprised all her followers, since they know that she is very reserved.

The image was accompanied by a romantic and extensive text that says: ‘When love comes like this … that way …’.

‘Mature, real love, which walks on honesty, learning and emotional intelligence and which does not detract from independence and freedom, is the result of the individual personal and professional fulfillment of two beings who decide to walk hand in hand and fly together…’.

But her beautiful words did not end there, she continued: ‘He is the one who understands the quality of time, over the quantity. The one that inspires you to be better. He who reinvents himself day by day and takes nothing for granted. The one who knows how to be loyal in any circumstance. He who understands that deep connection is not easy to find and takes care of it at all costs. The one that gives you peace and a sense of home, wherever you are. ‘

‘The one that does not burden you with pains or hurts from the past and leads you to write a better story, conjugated in the plural’, ended.

Since that first post with her boyfriend, Erika Ender He has not stopped sharing all the experiences and trips that they live day by day.


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