Alitalia will fly for the last time as a private firm and will pass into the hands of the State

The airline Alitalia, after almost 75 years soaring the skies with the colors of the Italian flag around the world, is preparing to make its final landing this Thursday with its last flight, which will effectively mark the end of the airline’s history. .

A history of success but also of decline, between rivers of public money and wrong decisions, after not even the management of individuals has managed to twist their luck.

Due to a financial crisis, the renowned airline will pass into the hands of the Italian State from mid-October and will begin to be called ITA. That is why, with the permission of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the nationalized company decided to cancel all tickets issued from that date and told local tourism agencies that there will be no rescheduling. The money will be returned to passengers, but there is controversy over how it will be carried out.

In fact, the agreement reached with the EU for the start-up of the new company Ita sacrificed the old company, which in the name of discontinuity must turn off its engines.

The historic brand, however, could survive and continue to fly on Ita’s wings, as long as the company manages to win the tender. On this, according to reports, there would be some progress and hard work is being done to reach the sale in time for takeoff next Friday.

In fact, the worst case scenario, bankruptcy, should be avoided, which has not yet been avoided.

Alitalia will depart this Thursday, late in the afternoon, with the last flight of the day, AZ1586 Cagliari-Rome, which will depart the Sardinian capital at 10:05 p.m. to land in Fiumicino at 11:10 p.m.

To carry the last passengers, Alitalia will have an Airbus 320 (coming from AirOne), which will fly full with all its 180 seats occupied.

The first Alitalia, also known as International Italian Airlines, first took off in 1947 as a flag carrier. Potatoes and the stars of the “dolce vita” years were on their planes.

In a glorious past they were a kind of emblem of Italian excellence.

However, it was in the 90s when the first difficulties arrived, thanks to the liberalization of air transport. A series of bad decisions caused the losses to escalate.

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