Algarabía in the Committee of the UCR

It was noon in Río Gallegos and Senator Eduardo Costa, in dialogue with South Time and on the verge of breaching the ban, he predicted a new defeat for Kirchnerism in a mid-term elections in Santa Cruz. What was finalized at the close of the day with 39.22% of the votes for the electoral front of Cambia Santa Cruz. Roxana Reyes (Together for Santa Cruz), with 17,980 voters (30.85%) was the most voted pre-candidate, followed by Leonardo Raquel (Con Vos) who garnered 15,412 votes (26.44%) and Gabriela Mestelán (Tu Vos en Congress) with 14,049 (24.10%). The contribution of Omar Zeidan (Evolution Santa Cruz) was 4,498 (7.72%), that of Martín Bocco (Future Santa Cruz) 4,155 votes (7.13%), and that of Pedro Márquez (Santa Cruz Nos Une) of 2,191 (3.76%).

After 22:00 and the cry of “a minute of silence for the front that is dead,” began the celebrations in the provincial Radical Committee where the first to arrive was the winner of the electoral front Roxana Reyes. “We have beaten Kirchnerism”, celebrated in his first contact with our environment. “It is a triumph of all”He remarked to highlight and recognize“ the excellent choice ”of Gabriela Mestelán, Leo Roquel, Omar Zeidan, Pedro Márquez and Martín Bocco. “The dialogue with those who make up the Cambia Santa Cruz list is excellentThis is how it has always been and will continue to do so. From tomorrow we will all work together to put a stop to authoritarianism”, Remarked the current National Deputy.

A radiography

Undoubtedly, the revalidation of the space for the final elections in November will be vital for Cambia Santa Cruz, with the 50.55% collected by Roquel and Mestelán being of vital importance. Both held a great election in the provincial capital, although the provincial interior weighed on them, at some point. Mestelán had a good performance in towns such as El Calafate and El Chaltén, while Leonardo Roquel also added his in Caleta Olivia and the Carboniferous Basin, but did not reach them, the good response of the electorate to the figure of Kings in cities such as Pico Truncado, Puerto San Julián, Perito Moreno, Caleta Olivia it was enough for him to take the best place by 2,573 votes over Leonardo Roquel. The narrow difference between first and second left a bitter taste in the mouth of some, who they will sit at the table to define the destinies of the front for November.

Also in dialogue with our environment, Gabriela Mestelán she said “very happy because Cambia Santa Cruz won in the province and for us it is important because we did it with the rules of the game offered by PASO”, and continued: “People have given each of us the place they want us to occupy in November. From Encuentro Ciudadano we have grown, we have had a very good choice in Río Gallegos and we have grown in each town in the province ”.

In the last section he remarked: “We are horizontal, we decided to participate in the STEP and we are going to be part and we are going to accompany so that in November we have a bench”, Almost confirming that he will be part of the list with which the opposition will seek to retain two seats.

For its part, Leonardo Roquel, who has become the revelation of the PASO, also declared “very satisfied” with the choice made. “We did not expect this result, many people wanting to participate in this new group. This excellent choice in the north, Cuenca and Río Gallegos, is something that starts thinking about the future, we are a new group of people who want to start changing things. “

In this case, when asked about their participation in the future, it was clear: “We have to analyze with the group, we are going to discuss it at the provincial level, we are respectful of this. Tomorrow (for today) we will start the meetings to see how we stand for November. We want the UCR to go well”.

The contribution of PRO Santa Cruz

Who was also present at the end of the day in the Radical Committee was the pre-candidate Martín Bocco (PRO). Although he cast his vote in the town of El Calafate, in the middle of the afternoon he left for our capital, where he waited for the results at the premises located on 200 Comodoro Rivadavia street. At night, after congratulating Roxana Reyes, he spoke with South Time on the reality of the party in the province. “Party consolidation is a realityWe are happy, it was a short campaign for us and we are satisfied and the PRO contributed so that the Front is up. The evolution of the PRO continues and I will support the front, I will be on top of the candidates who won”.

The pre-candidate celebrated: “We won in Piedra Buena, second in Las Heras, in Calafate we made an excellent choice, also in Puerto San Julián. We are going to reinforce these fronts and as a party to continue working in these places so that it gives us the strength to be at the side in an election of these characteristics and think about big things for 2023.

(Martín Bocco).

For its part, Silvana Giudici, intervener of the PRO in Santa Cruz, remarked: “It seems to me that it is a very important, historical election for Cambia Santa Cruz. We recognize the work of the candidate who came out first, but from the PRO we are very happy because we have put a grain of sand for this front, to win “, and stressed:” The party was consolidated throughout the province. History is being made because Santa Cruz as a whole says enough to Kirchnerism”.

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