Alfredo Cornejo’s warning about the risky goal of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Alfredo Cornejo He questioned the Government again and pointed out that within the Frente de Todos, with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in the lead, look for “enter default“.

The former governor of Mendoza spoke with El Cronista about how he sees the negotiation with the IMF: “Tuesday’s meeting with Guzmán is all improvisation. That is something that we have to specify in Cambiemos: what kind of relationship do we want to have with a government of improvised and without a plan “.

And he added: “100% of the leaders of Together for Change want an agreement between the country and the IMF, they do not want the country to default. But the negotiation is the exclusive responsibility of the Government. There are people who have no interest in Argentina to reach an agreement. The majority of the Frente de Todos wants to default “.

Continuing with his criticisms of the Government, Cornejo especially charged against the vice president, since for him he seeks the default: “It is a government without direction and without a plan. There are substantial differences within it. My hopes are those of any common citizen who hopes that the country straightens itself. But I have few because of the behavior that Alberto and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in particular“.

“I have few expectations for the conduct of Alberto and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in particular.”

About if Together for Change can reach an agreement with the ruling party, he said: “To the extent that the Kirchnerism command in Peronism it will be impossible to reach an agreement. Kirchnerism does not agree, to agree is to give up something in a negotiation. In a government of Together for Change, an agreement with the opposition, with a defeated Kirchnerism, is possible. It’s what we need. ”

On the other hand, he referred to his role as moderator in the Juntos por el Cambio intern: “The imperative of Juntos por el Cambio is neither more radicalism nor more PRO, nor more hawks nor more doves. It is unity for maintain the balance of power and build an alternation in 2023. We all have to make an effort to tolerate the differences that exist but are of nuances. If we do not make that effort of unity, Kirchnerism can stay a decade. “

Finally, Cornejo spoke about the relationship that some JxC referents have with Javier Milei: “It is a purely porteño discussion, with apologies to the porteños. The only place that had development was in CABA. Milei is the result not of ideological issues but of a angry vote appearing in midterm elections everywhere. ”


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