Alfredo Cornejo emboldened: he wants a radical candidate for the presidency

“We have the obligation to make a thorough analysis of this election. A prima facie vote of attention to the national government, channeled into a united opposition, that has been our main merit,” Cornejo explained to Clarín newspaper.

For Cornejo, after the 2021 elections this Sunday come two moments. First, a possible radicalization of the national government.

2021 elections change mendoza cornejo.jpg

Elections 2021: Alfredo Cornejo headed the list of candidates for national senators of Cambia Mendoza in these STEP

Photo: Fernando Martinez

The second has to do with the bidding of powers in Together for Change.

We have to stick together as we have been up to now. Everyone has had things to celebrate in this election, it is a triumph for everyone, which no one in particular can capitalize on, “he argued.

In that sense, Cornejo referred to the elections in different districts, mainly in Buenos Aires, where Diego Santilli won and Facundo Manes got the most votes uniting both lists.

“The election of Manes was very good. That the intern has been so even was a contribution that we made, from the radicalism. And I think it is something to celebrate, like the triumphs that the party achieved in other provinces, such as Santa Fe , where Carolina Losada and Mario Barletta prevailed, or in others that we had already been governing, such as Corrientes, Jujuy and Mendoza, “he added.

Thus, Cornejo inside the UCR manages the possibility of going with his own candidate “from radicalism to compete, as we have done in the province of Buenos Aires, which is the model to follow”. And it is precisely there, in that situation, where his name, such as Gerardo Morales or Gustavo Valdés, could be noted

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