Alexis Valdés calls for “doing something” to prevent the Cuban regime from attacking imprisoned activists

Alexis Valdes He urged not to accept that the Cuban regime steals the lives of activists who remain in prison for the mere fact of expressing themselves freely, and asked to do something as soon as possible.

“Our life goes on. Not theirs. They are stealing the present and the future. A cruel, dehumanized and uncontrolled regime is making them pay for the audacity to express themselves in Freedom. And the worst, and we all know it, is that right now their lives are in danger. Luis’s [Manuel Otero], Maykel’s, Hamlet’s and many worthy and brave Cubans, ”wrote the actor and comedian on his social networks in reference to independent artists Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, Maykel” Osorbo “Castillo and Hamlet Lavastida, the three in prison from different dates but victims of the same government repression.

“We have to do something. We cannot ‘accept that we lose so easily’. We have to do something to stop them from going on with these guys. Something. At the moment I am writing this Post so that we do not forget about them. Because they at one point filled our hearts with hope. They took a chance for everyone’s hope. And our hope is indebted to their lives, “he added.

Alexis Valdés referred in particular to the recent complaint by Claudia Genlui, who said she fears for the health of Luis Manuel Otero in prison.

“That they don’t think that we dedicate ourselves to making our lives and we forget about them. Because they without the voice of all of us are lost. As is our lost country without their voice. Here is this post. Share it with everyone. And let’s do something. Let’s not forget them ”, concluded Valdés, who in 2020 interviewed Luis Manuel Otero, which was followed by the publication of a poem dedicated to the independent artist, which remains in prison since the July 11 protests.

At the beginning of this month, Alexis Valdés had already shared a reflection on the value of passion and everything that is achieved with that feeling. The artist confessed that he had been disappointed in Cuba for a long time due to the lack of passion and apathy of the people, but argued that this changed with the emergence of a group of passionate young people on the Cuban social scene, people who set out to change the society and that “he really put passion and faith into him.”

He stressed that Cubans for a long time adapted to criticize and complain but not to do something for change, which is why he applauded the San Isidro Movement and the youth of the 27N who – through passion – are changing the recent history of Cuba.

Activist Claudia Genlui Hidalgo affirmed this Monday that life Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, leader of the San Isidro Movement (MSI) could be in danger. Expressed concern after not receiving a phone call from Otero, which both had agreed for Monday afternoon.

“If I don’t call you on Monday, it’s because I went down the hill,” the artist had warned him in a conversation on September 9. The activist warned the Cuban regime that it will be their responsibility if something happens to Luis Manuel Otero.

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