Alexander De Croo: “I gave the wrong numbers, I was wrong but my message is the same”

Alexander De Croo (Open Vld) spoke on Thursday before the House during the questioning session to the government. He returned in particular to the figures concerning the protection of vaccines by acknowledging certain errors in his declarations.

The vaccine protects nine to ten times better against symptoms or hospitalizations and five to eight times better against intensive care placements. Those who are vaccinated, especially with a booster, have 50% less risk of being contaminated and significantly less risk of infecting others. So the risk reduction is 50% and not nine times like I said“, did he declare. “I had put forward the wrong numbers. The order of magnitude of the figures I had mentioned was not the correct one. I was mistaken“.

However, according to the head of government, the purpose of the message remains the same. “The gist of my message is that a person who is vaccinated protects themselves much better than someone who is not, and a person who is vaccinated protects others much better than someone who is not.“.

“A false definition of freedom”

The Prime Minister then spoke about the anti-health demonstrations organized in the streets of Brussels in recent weeks. He pointed out several arguments relayed during these misleading events, in particular concerning the spread of the virus and vaccination.

Choosing not to be vaccinated can affect the health and freedom of others. As a society, we must dare to point the finger at it. It is not solidarity, it is a false definition of freedom. If individual freedom is so at odds with freedom and the health of society, we must dare to engage in this debate.“, he concluded.

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