Alert: new “uncle tale” using the pandemic as a ruse

A 22-year-old man was prosecuted with preventive detention for having tried to rob an 89-year-old retiree of $33,000 that she had deposited in a bank, by posing as her son and telling her that he was infected with coronavirus.

The attempted scam using the ruse popularly known as the “uncle’s story” but with the pandemic as an excuse, was carried out by Mariano Acuña (22), whom Judge Osvaldo Bonanno, in charge of the National Criminal and Correctional Court 33, He charged him with the crime of “fraud in a real contest with attempted fraud” and placed an embargo on him for 900,000 pesos.

According to the diary Page12, the magistrate determined that the incident occurred last Friday around 12:30 in the city of Buenos Aires, when the defendant stole 3,000 US dollars from the victim and tried to keep another 30,000.

According to the investigation, the criminal first asked her for cash in an envelope that he picked up at the door of her home and then tried to increase the scam by convincing her to go to a bank with him.

“Hello mom, I’m your son. Listen to me, I have Covid, I feel very bad, I have a fever, I need money and I wanted to tell you, also that there is a risk with the money we have in the bank”, was what the scammer told his victim.

“In a while a friend is going to go get the money, I ask you to tell me the serial numbers of the ticket,” the young man warned the woman.

The victim took $3,000,000, placed it in an envelope and asked her caregiver to come down and give it to her son’s alleged friend.

Then the scammer told the victim that “your friend friend to take you to the bank, give me your cell phone number”.

The woman came down from her apartment and a man took her in a car to a branch of the French Bank.

According to the ruling, the retiree withdrew $30,000 from the safe deposit box but her son, who had been trying to communicate with her without success, went to his mother’s house and realized he was involved in a criminal sequence by talking with the woman’s caregiver

The man went to the bank after calling 911 and together with the policemen they saw the Ford Ka car at the door of the branch that began to escape at full speed down Rivadavia Avenue.

The chase continued to Membrillar and Bonifacio, where the vehicle collided with a parked car, reversed and collided with the cell phone, for which Acuña was arrested there.


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