Alert for danger of collapse of homes on a cliff in Caleta Olivia

They are in the Mar del Plata neighborhood and in the course of recent years the swells accelerated the process of collapse of the line of the cliff on which they are settled and which in some sectors exceeds twenty meters in height.

The problem is not new, but over the weekend the residents felt a loud roar as a considerable block of earth and rocks of flimsy consistency detached itself and fell, probably from one of the large caves that are piercing the sea.

Months ago, a neighbor who lived at the end of the danger zone that runs parallel to the wall of the Termap oil tank beach moved to another part of the city.

It was imminent that his material house was going to fall, but before he left he destroyed it to prevent someone else from occupying it, as happened with others.

The remaining families say that they have already warned the municipal authorities and in particular those responsible for the Civil Protection Directorate of the new dangerous situation.

They remember that in other communal negotiations they were promised houses or land in other sectors of the urban ejido, but everything was left in an expression of wishes.

A neighbor, Nadia Moyano (photo), told El Patagónico that the noise of the weekend shook the walls of her house and reminded her of the earthquakes in Mendoza, where she lived until ten years ago.

A view that reflects the dimension of this worrying situation can be seen from the beach when the tide goes out as the houses literally hang from the top of the cliff (photo).

In addition, erosion is spreading and there are not a few families that propped up perpendicular lines of pipes to hold old car or truck covers in a stacked way, in an attempt to form a containment barrier against the storm surge.

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