Album ‘Brasil Futurista’, by Coruja BC1, passes 1 million streams mark

The brand was quite celebrated by the rapper

the rapper BC1 owl released on November 17 of last year his album, “Brasil Futurista”, which hit the incredible mark of 1 million streaming this week. With 13 tracks and the participation of Margareth Menezes, RDD, Jair Oliveira, Lúcio Maia, Jonathan Ferr, Anchietx, Ed City, Larissa Luz and Lino Crizz. Brasil futurista succeeds the albums Psicodelic (2019) and No dia dos Nosso (2017) in the discography of this artist, projected nine years ago in the hip hop segment, with the release of the song Não Posso murmurar (2012), whose clip caught the attention of my brother Emicida in 2013.

With tracks that merge rock with maracatu, samba with house and soul with trap, in a mixture that also includes samba-rock and Candomblé rhythms, the album “Brasil Futurista” was recorded with the intention of re-presenting the national musical diversity within the universe of urban music, especially rap, with a discourse that denounces the daily abandonment of the black, poor and peripheral people by public authorities.

Credits: BC1 Owl

Earlier, in September, BC1 owl released the song “Tarot”. The track is a reflection on love and is part of the album “Brasil Futurista”, which will be released later this year. “Tarot talks about hits and misses in the game of love, about wounds that sometimes create emotional blocks, but above all the music talks about allowing yourself, and about healing.” explained BC1 owl.

The clip narrates moments of a couple, played by Sheick (Dancer of the Heavy Baile) and Ciana, through a sequence of time lapse photos. The image sequences transport the viewer to a light and passionate story. The direction is by Bárbara Figueiredo.

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