Alberto Fernández’s message that commits Martín Guzmán

Alberto Fernandez He was this Monday during an act of the Frente de Todos in Tucumán. There, he spoke again of exchanging social plans for work, charged hard against Mauricio Macri and sent a harsh message to the IMF. “We say no to debt,” he confessed.

“I’m here, not toasting with creditors or with the irresponsible who contracted the debt. I ask that we understand what is in dispute, we come to propose a country for everyone, not for some, “said the president.

He also questioned Juntos por el Cambios: “They propose as a way out the same remedies as always, which until today we are paying (for the debt with the IMF).” And he added: “Those who now say they have all the solutions left us planted with a debt of 19 billion dollars. We say no to debt. We say yes to debt relief, as long as it is not at the expense of the people ”.

Martin Guzman is next to Miguel Pesce, president of the Central Bank, in the United States to have meetings with officials of the Government of Joe Biden. In addition, on Tuesday, the Minister of Economy will meet with Kristalina Gueorguieva, head of the Fund.

Regarding transforming social plans into work, he said: “It is not true that someone is happy with a plan social. I’m not going to stop until Argentina all have a place to earn their daily living with dignity. ”

“My intention is to end the time of discord and disputes. I ask all the militants of the Frente de Todos to convince those who do not think like us. In Argentina no one is left over and we are all missing. Unfortunately the pandemic has arrived and that is what they need. served many to return to deepen the rift, but with the crack only lives worse and the Argentineans are postponed “, concluded.


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