Alberto Fernández responded to Pope Francis after the criticism

Alberto Fernandez he finally responded to Pope Francis. At the IDEA Colloquium, the pope had stated that “subsidies can only be a temporary help.” And I add: “You cannot live on subsidies, because the great objective is to provide diversified sources of work that allow everyone to build the future with effort and ingenuity. “

Faced with these criticisms, the president answered him in a meeting with agents of the gastronomic and hotel sector. “It is clear that nobody enjoys the plans,” he said. Alberto Fernandez.

“Today I was listening to the pope and he said something that I spoke privately with him. It is clear that nobody enjoys the plans. It is a pain reliever. Those who receive plans work. I am talking about recovering a formal job that is not the same as working, “he said.

Continuing with his speech, he said: “We want to get those who have a plan to have a job. We are committed to that from day one, only that something happened in the middle that nobody expected and that delayed many of the ideas we had in mind. on December 10 in 2019 “.

And he added: “Many make an effort to make us Peronists feel that we are responsible for the social situation and the social plans that exist in Argentina. I don’t think anyone who gets a plan is not needing it. ”

Finally, he pointed out against Mauricio Macri’s management: “When Cristina left the government there were 200 thousand plans and they did not demand plans from her. They demanded that she not pay profits. In the following 4 years the social plans”.


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