Alberto Fernández overreacts announcements and management after the electoral catastrophe

Alberto Fernandez suffered a hard blow in the PASO elections on Sunday and the strategy from now on is to be strong, even if this is a over acting to make announcements. This Tuesday he will visit the Ball packaging factory, in the Burzaco industrial park in Almirante Brown’s party, where the company directors will announce an investment of 60 million dollars and the generation of new jobs.

After visiting the factory, the president will announce 25 public works simultaneously in several provinces. Without giving any signs of reaction (rather than looking for a way out forward) and as if nothing had happened, Alberto Fernández tries with visits and announcements of works get out of yesterday’s tremendous electoral coup.

Today Santiago Cafiero denied the cabinet changes that the rest of the coalition demands and even said that the defeat was the result of the decisions for the pandemic, something that “happened to most of the officialisms in the world”, according to graph without contemplating that even in Argentina all the elections up to now had been won by the provincial governments.

Cafiero also remarked that “despite the result, lMost Argentines don’t want to go back“, Reinforcing the definition of Alberto Fernández himself who today stated” this path that we started in 2019 will not be altered. “

It remains to clarify then if the ruling party processes yesterday’s defeat with more of the same or produces the changes that circumstances impose on it. For now it seems more the former. Although the margin is almost zero and the needs of the Frente de Todos are at the limit. And the president too.


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