Alberto Fernández is already thinking about November and now he says he knows what Argentina needs

President Alberto Fernandez inaugurated an investment project of 9,390 million pesos, which, according to the Government, are added to the more than 2,300 that are under development. Later, he visited the Ball packaging company, in the Buenos Aires district of Admiral Brown. The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, and the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero.

“In Quilmes we inaugurated a work very similar to this one,” the president began by saying Alberto Fernandez to those present; and he described: “It was an important work for many neighbors, to live in a place that does not get muddy, that has decent conditions to live in. The objective was the same, to bring streets, light, bus stops, it was to bring them works that are related directly with the quality of life “.

On the other hand, he maintained that every time he inaugurates a work like this, what the Government is doing is carrying “a better life, a more livable life. We have done this from day one, “he assured. And he listed that” this work is in addition to the 2,300 works that we have scattered throughout the Argentina”.

Santiago Cafiero, Alberto Fernández and Sergio Massa, after the electoral defeat of the PASO 2021

In addition, he indicated that “these works are part of a plan that has to do with the development of public works, which is what we generate a lot of labor and work, but also production and development: asphalt, lighting, iron, etc”.

Pointing to the “other”

The campaign of Front of All It will surely make a turn, both in its communication and in its economic and government strategy, since the ruling coalition needs to recover the lost votes and add another percentage to reverse the beating it received this Sunday.

Among this campaign record, something was not abandoned, at least not for now: Alberto pointed out that the good ones are them, that they are the ones who know what the country needs and the “others”. For this reason, he indicated: “The country needs what they are entrepreneurs who risk, that they give work. Does not need financial speculators who find quick profit in a bond, in a security, in a stock, when it costs others a lot of sacrifice “to find those gains.

Finally, the president took up the exhortation he made during Sunday’s ceremony at the close of the elections, in which he acknowledged defeat and “having done some things wrong.” In this sense, he asked to go and “knock on the door to the Argentine who did not vote, to tell him that what is at stake is the future of the country and its future”, so that “Argentina stands up.”

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