Alberto Fernández denied that the agreement with the IMF is postponed to 2022

President Alberto Fernández today denied the versions that an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would be postponed until next year and said that he wants to reach an understanding “as soon as the conditions are met.”

“Yesterday we had an excellent meeting with Argentine businessmen in which, among other issues, I reported on how the negotiation with the IMF is progressing for the debt we inherited from the previous government,” the president began in a string of tweets.

And he added: “I told them that it was essential to achieve the best possible agreement and that our objective is for it to be beneficial for all Argentine men and women.”

In this regard, Fernández wrote that the businessmen “exposed their support”, at the same time that they expressed “satisfaction at hearing from us the negotiation strategy, shared by the entire space of the official” front.

“Today we find the cover of the newspaper Clarín that says that, in that meeting, I announced that the agreement with the IMF would be sealed next year. It was not like that. We want to achieve that agreement that agreement as soon as the conditions are met”, warned the president.

And he affirmed: “The businessman Francisco De Narváez, whom I quote, said today, ‘The president did not tell us that the agreement with the IMF is postponed, he told us that it is in the process of being carried out …'”.

“And De Narváez himself adds: ‘A newspaper talks about kicking, but you don’t kick in these negotiations; the president said he wants to make an agreement that is beneficial for Argentines and that is enforceable,'” continued Fernández.

Finally, the President said that “it would be good if, leaving differences aside, a transcendent issue for the country, such as debt, unites us in a common goal.” “From employers and unions, from political forces to the media.”

Sources consulted by NA on Tuesday’s lunch between the president and the businessmen had indicated: “A diagnosis of the negotiation with the IMF was made and the President generated a lot of tranquility.”

“We need to have the support of businessmen and the opposition to reach a better agreement. Businessmen were asked to support them to go with more force to insist on what Argentina wants,” the same sources reported. (NA)

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