Alberto Fernández confirmed sending the 2022 budget project to Congress

President Alberto Fernández confirmed the “submission to Congress of the 2022 Budget project” with changes and said that “reality requires us to move forward with the IMF. If that agreement did not exist, the conditions would be different; it would be different in the possibilities it has. the State in promoting the development that we want to promote and public works, education, health, credit for the company would be affected “

It did so within the framework of the presentation of the project for the Promotion of hydrocarbon investments that contemplates an incentive scheme based on greater guaranteed export authorizations and the availability of foreign exchange for initiatives that are addressed in all basins that ensure an incremental production in gas and oil. The president will submit the bill to Congress for its treatment, as he had announced in the Legislative Assembly on March 1.

The president assured that the project “tries to improve the productive capacity of hydrocarbons and gas that Argentina needs”, and highlighted as “a distinctive feature that it is an initiative where everyone was heard.” According to sources from the National Energy Secretariat, the regulations “are intended to guarantee domestic supply with added value, employment, import substitution and greater exports.”

Through the law, a general regime for the promotion of hydrocarbon investments will be created, which will have a validity of 20 years and which will contain particular regimes oriented to the promotion of activities of exploration and production of oil, of exploration and production of natural gas and exploration, production, industrialization and transportation of hydrocarbons, energy infrastructure works and provision of services.

In addition to the national authorities, the governors of the hydrocarbon producing provinces participated: Axel Kicillof, from Buenos Aires, Mariano Arcioni, from Chubut; Arabela Carreras, from Río Negro; Omar Gutiérrez, from Neuquén; Alicia Kirchner, from Santa Cruz; Gustavo Melella, from Tierra del Fuego; Gustavo Sáenz, from Salta; Rodolfo Suárez, from Mendoza; Sergio Ziliotto, from La Pampa; Gildo Insfrán, from Formosa, and Gerardo Morales, from Jujuy.

Alberto Fernández pointed out that the project was possible to what was carried out “all united in a common work beyond political differences; the businessmen, those who work in the sector and the State” and added: “it is the best way to consolidate firmness in the projects we face “.

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