Alberto Castillo: “Mining has come to settle in the province”

The president of REMSa, Alberto Castillo, was interviewed by CNNSalta-94.7 where he commented on the progress of mining in the province and highlighted: “Mining has come to settle in the province, as one of the most important provinces in South America”.

The referent commented that, through a report published yesterday, it was learned that Salta is ranked five of the provinces that created the most jobs, “this is directly related to mining.”

The investment of the mining industry allows the execution of very important works throughout the provincial territory, works that are essential for productive development: “It is not the same to provide a service here in the city of Salta than at 4,000 meters above sea level”, as an example he cited the following case, “the governor, with REMSa, have decided to build a new route 27. With everything a new route needs”.

Nowadays “We have more than 60 projects, 20 under construction and five already advanced”, commented Castillo who clarified: “This is not exclusively limited to lithium, we are talking about very important projects of copper, gold, silver and other minerals”.

lithium 01

In reference to lithium, whose price has increased by more than 400% in recent times, he said: “The good thing is that, unlike other metals, a finished product comes out of here. Because lithium is a substance that is dissolved in a brine, here when we talk about investments, of 500 or 600 million, they are industries that are installed to achieve the final product lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide or lithium chloride.

It is “historical what we are doing at this moment”, celebrated the specialist in reference to the fact that “REMSa is participating in a new business model in each of our projects. The province from its state company has to have a share in each of its projects.

To end the interview, Alberto “Beto” Castillo assured, “all the agencies of the province are working on training and education. The Ministry of Education projects the creation of some kind of training institute”.

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