Alanis Morissette revealed that at age 15 she was abused by several men

In her yet-to-be released documentary Jagged, the Canadian singer-songwriter revealed that she was the victim of sexual abuse by multiple men when she was just 15 years old. And in that sense, she pointed to those who blame her for having waited so long to tell it.

“It took me years of therapy to admit that there had been some kind of victimization on my part. I always said that I had consented, but later they reminded me that I was only 15 years old. You cannot consent at that age. Now I think they are all pedophiles, that it was a rape of a teenager, “says Morissette in the documentary directed by Alison Klayman, presented this Monday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“A lot of people ask, ‘Why did that woman wait 30 years?’ Fuck off. Nobody waits 30 years. No one was listening, his vitality was threatened or his family was threatened, “Morissette responds in the documentary.

Then he argues that those who question women for taking time to recognize that they were abused should understand that “women do not wait, our culture does not listen to them.” In that sense, he criticizes the music industry for its lack of support in those difficult times: “I told some people who turned a deaf ear.”

The winner of seven Grammy Awards stated that her reluctance to tell these facts was due, among other reasons, to concern for her relatives: “The fact that I did not share specific information about my experience as a teenager was almost solely because I wanted to protect my parents, my brothers, my future partners ”.

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