Akira Presidente says he won’t stop with Rap anytime soon and reveals work on a new record

Akira President is excited to keep making new music

Akira Presidente, one of the most respected rappers in the Rio de Janeiro scene, he is in full swing at the end of 2021. Weeks ago he announced that he is leaving the label and label Pirâmide Perdida, which was the result of great work and packed soundtracks very successful. He recently released his new project entitled “IMPROVEMENT TAPE VOL. 1″.

Akira went to her social networks to talk about her relationship with music lately: “I’ve been living on rap for almost 20 years and I don’t have plans to stop anytime soon. I just released a fucking EP and I’m already mixing the new album. I don’t mind numbers, I keep writing rhymes, which is one of the things I love to do the most. As long as I have love, I’m rhyming here”, he revealed.

Credits: Ventura Guide

Akira Presidente is a MC from Rio de Janeiro who became known for being the first to win the famous “Batalha do Real”. It was there that Akira got to know the Hip Hop culture, in the battles of mc’s in Lapa in the 2000s, where she began to take her first steps in her journey as an artist.

It was in improvised rap battles that Akira discovered her vocation for rhymes, met and lived with other names in the scene and inserted herself in the rap culture. During this period he also participated in the documentary “Freestyle: a lifestyle”.

Check out the artist’s speech below:

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