Aislinn Derbez confessed that she rejected her boyfriend several times for Mauricio Ochmann

Aislinn Derbez confessed that she rejected her boyfriend several times for Mauricio Ochmann. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Although, today everything is honey on flakes in the relationship of Aislinn Derbez and the Belgian influencer Jonathan Kubben, the couple revealed that it was not so easy to be together, because after their divorce, the actress did not feel ready to meet Naie, so she confessed that she rejected her several times boyfriend for his ex Mauricio Ochmann.

In an interview with Quien magazine, Aislinn Derbez Y Jonathan Kubben They revealed all the details of their relationship, which is very close to turning one year, despite the fact that they made it known openly last December.

The protagonist of the film Bad, and the lecturer and influencer have taken a position of taking a relationship far from the cichés and romantic facade of the perfect fairy tale love, because, definitely, Ais does not want to live what she lived with the father of her daughter Kailani Ochmann when their relationship ended.

That is also why he took his time and space to be able to openly date a man in a romantic plan, and even rejected Jonathan Kubben on numerous occasions, whom a mutual friend wanted to introduce him to.

“When my friend told me that he wanted to present it, I was not ready, I needed time, because I was living the process of my separation (with Mauricio Ochmann), a year and a half later, I told him that I was ready to meet him,” he acknowledged.

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Kubben confirmed what his now partner revealed, and gave details of how he tried to approach her through messages and social networks, being rejected on several occasions, even 6 months before finally meeting in person.

“About six months before we met in person, she didn’t peel me that much. It couldn’t be colder. I tried once when I responded to a story on Instagram and she didn’t answer me, so I said ‘I’d better leave it,'” Kubben said; while Aislinn immediately justified herself: ‘It’s that I needed my space and I knew I was going to like it so I didn’t talk to her much,’ “he explained.

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Likewise, the boyfriend of the daughter of Eugenio Derbez, for the first time, spoke of Mauricio Ochmann and the relationship he maintains with Aislinn Derbez after their sounded separation in 2020, just when the health contingency began.

“It is impressive to see how they get along, they have a very good relationship, every day they talk, talk and help each other. What a life lesson to think that things can be like this. Because the two are thinking that they have a common goal which is keep the girl okay and make it all work for Kai’s sake, “Kubben said.

Finally, Jonathan Kubben revealed how he gets along with the daughter of Aislinn Derbez Y Mauricio Ochmann, who we have seen get along wonderfully with the actor’s partner, the model Paulina Burrola.

“The truth was very fast and it was a great change because I am not a father. It has been one of the lessons I have had. My mother taught me Mexican things like ‘la chancla’ which for me was a religion, but with Ais I realized that there are other forms of parenting, the patience and devotion she has is impressive, “he said.

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