Air conditioners: Electra anticipates the future of air conditioning

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Electra’s arrival in Argentina. The company grew to position itself as a leader in HVAC equipment.

All air conditioners are similar on the outside, but the technology behind their manufacture and inside are what differentiate them from these essential equipment for home and office comfort.

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the arrival of Electra to Argentina. The company grew to position itself as a specialist leader in the production, marketing and distribution of air conditioning equipment.

Tested in different climates around the world, under the most demanding international quality standards, the air conditioners Electra they are one of the best options when choosing.

Electra specializes in air conditioning for the residential comfort and also in work spaces, in addition to training and physical exercise spaces, offering comfort and control over room temperature and energy consumption.

The strong commitment of Electra and its employees in the care and respect for the environment leads to apply efficient solutions and sustainable and innovative alternatives in its operating base, services and products.

In this context, the new line was born Trend Inverter, which achieves energy savings of up to 35%, in addition to a very low noise level. The units have damping systems to minimize the vibrations of the equipment in operation, this translates into less noise and maintenance.

Air conditioners Electra They are recognized in the world and have a three-year warranty. All equipment is checked for 24 hours before leaving the factory. In this way it guarantees the user a product without the possibility of gas leakage.

With more than 20 controls and checks throughout the process, it ensures that all its products reach the user in perfect condition and operation. The equipment has state-of-the-art Israeli technology, tested to face the most extreme temperatures in the desert: they have a coating on their electronic board, which prevents damage from dust and humidity.

Each of the equipment is rigorously tested, complying with all the electrical safety tests established under the standard IEC 60335-2-40 and energy efficiency according to IRAM 62406-2007 and 2019 standards.


Unlike traditional compressors that cut and start, Inverter technology has a compressor that varies its speed according to the needs of the environment and the selected temperature.

This allows the equipment to save up to 35% energy and generate a much more comfortable air conditioning, thanks to the fact that the equipment maintains uniform air conditioning during operation, thus avoiding the typical hot-cold peaks.

With its newly designed main board, the equipment in Stand By mode consumes 1 watt per hour, which allows the inverter to Electra minimize energy consumption compared to traditional equipment. Inverter Electra It has a greater operating range than traditional equipment, allowing better performance to be achieved.

Heat wave and sales

The heat wave in late October that brought the summer forward across the country soared air conditioner sales. With record high temperatures in more than 100 years, consumers decided to buy conditioners to get through the yellow alert launched that month by the National Meteorological Service (SMN).

Demand grew up to 500% in less than a week, according to retailers and manufacturers. In Mercado Libre, sales doubled. The greater purchase interest was evidenced by an increase in searches on Google. Queries related to “air conditioners” and “prices of portable equipment” rose more than 850% in the last 24 hours, according to the search engine.

San Juan, La Rioja, Córdoba, Santa Fe and Tucumán It was the provinces that led the searches, in line with the temperatures that were registered in those places, with maximums that exceeded 35 degrees.

When there is a string of hot days, an effect is observed in the sale of equipment, especially after several nights of high temperatures.

Traders expect the trend to hold. In Google, queries linked to “CyberMonday air conditioners“They increased more than 350% in the last seven days, in the face of the online sales event that took place at the beginning of November.

It is possible that sales will continue throughout the summer season, taking into account the forecasts of the weather service for this summer. The most sought after models are the Inverters, for their good price-quality ratio, but also because they achieve energy savings of close to 35% and provide maximum comfort.

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