Agustín Rossi: “We are not birds of passage. Nothing is finished, here the future begins “

Franco Found Fire

“We are not birds of passage, we are political militants. Here nothing is finished, here the future begins ”. Thus closed the speech by acknowledging the defeat against the Perottism list headed by Marcelo Lewandowski on Sunday night Agustín Rossi, a candidate for national senator, from the Banco de Santa Fe club, from February 27 to 300.

“Many thanks to all the compañeros and compañeras, to our militancy throughout Santa Fe who allowed us to sustain the electoral result. The trends are already set. We are satisfied with having left a different look at Peronism in the province, “said the former defense minister after a few minutes after 9pm.

Before getting off the stage, which he shared with his partner on the list Alejandra Rodenas and who headed the list of Deputies Eduardo Toniolli, he hugged his colleagues and paraphrased Néstor Kirchner: “Ever heard Néstor say that elections can be lose or win, what is always maintained are the ideas and convictions ”.

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