Aguascalientes, a state that works and contributes to the growth of Mexico: Martín Orozco

Aguascalientes It is a state that is well governed and with which it has worked in coordination to promote various programs and public policies for the benefit of society, which shows that when the interests of the people are put first, there is no room for partisan militancy ; This was stated by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to the governor Martin Orozco Sandoval during your visit to the entity.

At this meeting, López Obrador recognized that industrial development, the arrival of foreign companies and the qualified workforce of its people, make Aguascalientes contribute positively to the development of Mexico.

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The head of the Federal Executive congratulated Orozco Sandoval for the policies applied in his government, such as the one focused on the issue of water, which seeks to modernize and save this resource through the modernization of risk districts. He also affirmed that he will rely on the security issue through the National Guard and the Army.

At the time, Martín Orozco commented to López Obrador that Aguascalientes is a state that does not cause problems for the federation, on the contrary, it is a state that works and contributes to the development of the country by promoting public policies in coordination with the Government of Mexico and always thinking of improving the quality of life of each family.

The state president highlighted some of the actions that have been undertaken in the entity such as the promotion of technologies and languages ​​in education to train competitive profiles that respond to the needs of the industry; the arrival of close to 5 billion dollars in foreign investment and the creation of competitive jobs for professionals; as well as the progress in vaccination against Covid-19 that places the entity with one of the broadest coverage in the entire country.

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On the subject of security, he said that every day you must be prepared and work in coordination with all levels to act as a team, study how to act and resolve situations; In this sense, he asked the President for greater support from the National Guard and Army to avoid problems that could affect families, especially those that live on the borders of the state.

Finally, he added that in the fight against poverty there should be no competencies, so that state and federal programs complement each other to address the most pressing needs of each area and provide the necessary support to improve their situation and environment.


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