Against climate change, everyone!

The climate emergency is wreaking havoc on the world. Droughts, heat waves, forest fires and floods destroy the lives of millions of people. Now is the time to make a change and COP26 O United Nations Conference about him Climate change It will be a new opportunity to reaffirm the commitments of the state.

This year’s Conference will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from November 1 to 12, and will bring together more than 200 world leaders. It is important for two reasons: it is the only international mechanism to stop climate change, and it is a problem that needs to be solved multilaterally.

“Climate change is associated with a series of emissions that, regardless of where they are produced, the impact is global. Therefore, the only way that it can be approached is through international cooperation, “he said. Nain Martinez, Doctor in Environmental Science, Policy and Management.

One of the main challenges that leaders will face during this conference is that time does not stand still, the teacher of the College of Mexico argued that the longer we take to act, the effects of climate change and the costs for its mitigation will be greater.

Another problem is that the previous commitments of other POPs have not been fulfilled. According to the HIM-HER-IT, the lack of ambition is something that many nations have in common.

An example was the historic Paris agreement that took place within the framework of the COP21, in 2015, when States pledged to slow the rise in global temperature.

Six years after the adoption of the agreement, United Nations they declared that the countries did not comply.

The specialist explained that the problem is that in international law it is not possible to call countries on account, effectively, if they fail to comply with international treaties or commitments.

Although international law does not allow states to be held responsible, Martínez remains hopeful, as it details that there are other options that are being considered.

The first is to apply a tax to countries that do not comply with climate commitments.

This is an initiative led by the European Union and USA. This mechanism could effectively incentivize domestic compliance with climate agreements.

The second is the pressure of citizens: “To the extent that citizens consider climate change as a crucial issue and express a political cost to decision makers who fail to comply.”


Biden visits fire zone

The president of United States, Joe Biden, began on Monday a visit to the west of the country, to insist on the need to fight against climate change and bet on large public investments, but also to get into the political arena.

Biden started the tour in Boise, Idaho, where he toured a firefighting coordination center and gave a speech focused on the environmental issue.

The Democratic president later left for California, a stronghold of his party that he has not visited since his election. I would support the governor Gavin Newsom, which faces a recall referendum on Tuesday, and would offer solutions regarding the fire that affects more than 8 thousand km2 of forest.

“We have to think big,” Biden said in Sacramento, the capital of California, “Thinking small is a formula for disaster. (…) We are going to fight against climate change ”.

The tour has as one of its objectives to underline Biden’s proposal, which seeks to make the United States less vulnerable to natural disasters and hopes to green its economy with investment projects whose accumulated amount could approach five trillion dollars, provided that the Congress approves them in the next few months.

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