Again … BBVA Bancomer reports that it restored its services

After you have deleted a first post, BBVA Bancomer it once again informed its users that all its services have been restored.

Through a post in your account Twitter, the banking institution regretted the delay in solving the problem and “we offer a sincere apology for the damages we caused. We continue working to offer them the best service ”.

However, some users of the social network have pointed out that BBVA Bancomer has also failed to provide this information since since 5:00 am on Monday, September 13, the application of the banking institution has been working and the post appeared almost at 10 : 00 hours.

It should be noted that almost an hour before, the bank had already made the same announcement of the total restoration of the service, but minutes later it was deleted.

“Nooo, so good! I hope there is empathy when someone is late with payments and they say ‘sorry for taking me, but here’s your payment, so don’t charge me interest.’

“When I am late with my payment … I hope they receive my sincerest apologies and understand that I continue working to pay my debt, and they do not charge me interest. #bbva #Bancomer #BBVA_mexico #BBVA_Mex #bbvamexico”, Some of the responses from users on social networks due to the failures of BBVA Bancomer.

It was since the morning of Sunday, September 12 that users reported failures in the BBVA Bancomer application that prevented them from entering their bank accounts and carrying out transactions to make purchases or services.


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