Afusam accuses problems in Municipal Health administration in Osorno: they ask for the resignation of the director

Health officials in Osorno, associated with Afusam, accuse problems in the primary care management and request the departure of the current director of the department.

For his part, Mayor Emeterio Carrillo said that he will take time to evaluate the problem.

It was through a letter addressed to the mayor and the municipal council of Osorno where they denounced a sseries of problems associated with the operation of the Municipal Health Department, particularly to the directive administration of Jaime Arancibia.

In the text they affirm that “they are sure that not all the information related to the officials and users of the communal health system is available”, assuring that the most serious is “In relation to complaints, including, of workplace harassment against various officials.”

The president of Afusam in Osorno, Yasna Flores, assured that there is general discontent over an administration that she described as “deficient.” Similarly, he stated that “there are officials who feel persecuted, harassed ”.

Therefore, he explained that the request is for modifications in the Health administration. Specific They ask for “the resignation of Jaime Arancibia.”

The Radio sought an answer in the municipality of Osorno, where Mayor Emeterio Carrillo assured that he had met with both parties, requesting time to evaluate the problem.

Despite this, the authority that there is no formal accusation against the official, therefore, do not advance measures a priori.

Finally, the officials explained that they are waiting to formalize some complaints and that They hope that the communal chief can make decisions in the requested time.

Finally, they assured that they will remain on alert and do not rule out mobilizations.

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