After the raid on Salvador Mazza, can Mayor Méndez be detained?

CNN Radio Skip spoke with the Prosecutor for Complex Economic Crimes, Ana Inés Salinas Odorisio, who provided details of the raids that were carried out at the home of the mayor of Salvador Mazza and other nearby officials.

“Yesterday was the consequence of an investigation that was carried out during this last month in which we were appointed with a fiscal unit, in which from a complainant with a confidential identity was able to establish a series of events that happened in Salvador Mazza and they involved the mayor and his closest environment, officials and family members, ”he said.

Based on the investigations, 18 raids were carried out. During the morning the indictments of 12 people involved in the crimes would be carried out.

“We investigate crimes within our competence that have to do with the exercise of the function in the intendancy, the figure is close to 200 million counting the assets of national currency as a foreigner and the hijacking of four high-end vehicles, “said Odorisi.

The investigation began with a complaint in which the Intendant and very close officials for the purchase of high-end vehicles in a short period of time in cash. “Our investigation is limited to the period 2020 to 2021. Surveillance and intelligence tasks were carried out, we worked with accountants to determine the role that each one played,” the prosecutor explained.

Odorisio assured that If it is not essential, the detention of Mayor Méndez will not be requested, “There was no hindrance on the part of him or his relatives to be able to develop the procedures.”


Regarding the continuity of Méndez in his functions, the prosecutor said that “It is a purely political question, there is no legal provision that allows me to interfere in his role as mayor, these are political legal avenues to resolve how the municipality will continue to manage “

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