After the overwhelming defeat, Axel Kicillof reappeared and was confident

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, assured today that “without a doubt” the ruling party can reverse the result of the PASO in the general elections of next November, and stressed that, to achieve this objective, “it is necessary to accelerate the reactivation, give answers and take care of the pocket of the citizenship”.

“We are going to work for that because we need an accompaniment for what is coming, which is a real reconstruction after neoliberalism aggravated by the pandemic“, he specified Kicillof during an interview with Telam.

In his first public evaluation after the overwhelming results on Sunday, the Buenos Aires governor reasoned that “the coronavirus pandemic aggravated a situation that was already very serious when the Front of All (FdT) the government assumed “.

“With all the efforts, progress was made first in the care and then in the vaccination, but a very complex stage of suffering was gone through and now, with the departure of the coronavirus, the problem is in the recovery of work, of income and in the slowdown in prices, “said the provincial president.

For KicillofIn the result of the PASO held last Sunday to define the candidates who will compete for the parliamentary renewal “there was a clear message, the issue is how to decode it.”

“Obviously, after the pandemic, the situation of a large part of society is complicated economically. I think the answer to that has to be to focus on income growth and repairing the damage caused by the coronavirus, especially in the hardest hit sectors. We are going to dedicate ourselves to that, especially now that vaccination is advanced, “he said.

And he completed: “To achieve recovery and compensate for the losses of the pandemic, you have to relax the fiscalist gaze. Both the national and provincial governments must dedicate themselves at this time to reconstruction in an exclusive manner; that implies that the salary beats inflation and that work is created “.

The Frente de Todos suffered a general defeat in the country and is already thinking about how to reverse the situation for November.

Asked about the internal debate in the ruling party after the result of the PASO, Kicillof He stated that the Frente de Todos “looks forward, but there is a process of analysis to modify what needs to be modified.” And he completed: “In Argentina and in this situation after the pandemic, the thing happens to give results. It is not a matter so much of styles as of results”.

Kicillof He trusted that “the economy will react because the pandemic generated serious problems around the world, but the improvement of sanitary conditions exhibits a highly complex situation and a response must be given, we must dedicate ourselves to that, to take care of the pocket of citizenship “, and insisted on putting economic recovery as a management priority.

“All efforts must be made and show that this is a government that, just as it was concerned with avoiding greater damage and vaccinating, now has to focus on the economic recovery of each and every one, having a special sensitivity in the distributional issue” , he wielded.

Then, he assured that the debt swap that his administration reached with foreign bondholders, generated savings of 4.6 billion dollars, which will translate into improvements in people’s daily lives. “The previous government had to make a very large adjustment due to the burden of interest on the debt that the former governor herself (Maria Eugenia Vidal) had taken and we began by saying that it could not be paid. Now, we have achieved a true path where the payment of the debt does not prevent us from doing what the State has to do, “he said. Kicillof.

On the other hand, he stated that in the face of the campaign in the province of Buenos Aires – the country’s first electoral district – he will “reinforce territorial work” and intensify “together with the mayors the tours because” the exit from the pandemic and the reduction of care gives more scope for activities that have to do with what Peronism traditionally does in elections. ”

When asked if he is considering pushing for changes in his cabinet, Kicillof He responded that in the province of Buenos Aires, “this possibility is available to reinforce all the areas that precisely this situation, which is so special, needs to be further promoted.”

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