After the end of the program: should you open the dishwasher right away or keep it closed?

Do you keep the dishwasher door closed after washing or do you prefer to open it?

Steam from the dishwasher may damage nearby wooden furniture. If in doubt, it is best to wait about half an hour before clearing out the machine.

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If consumers want to be on the safe side, they can simply use the manufacturer instructions Follow. Manufacturers usually recommend the door here open completely so that the steam can escape and the dishes can dry completely and no damp streaks remain.

You can also use a Open nearby windows.

But beware: Do you have lots of wooden furniture in the immediate vicinity of the dishwasher, the Escaping steam will cause this furniture to swell. Also many Kitchen cabinets are made of wood and can do it damaged will. In this case, it is better to keep the machine closed for about 30 minutes after the end of the program and only then open it.

If you absolutely need the dishes faster, clear the dishes out quickly and close the door again.

Incidentally, whether you leave the door open or closed has no negative effects on the dishes or the dishwasher itself.

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