After the electoral defeat in Santa Cruz, Alicia Kirchner requested the resignation of her entire Cabinet of ministers

The PASO held yesterday yielded unexpected results within Kirchnerism. With a difference of almost 10 points with respect to Together for Change, the ruling party lost in 17 provinces. Leaving them with many doubts and internal strengths for the final elections on November 14.

One of the provinces where the coup was most felt was in Santa Cruz, the cradle of the “K” where the Frente de Todos led by Governor Alicia Kirchner lost by a wide difference of 12 points against the alliance of Together for Change and Change Santa Cruz.

Given these historic results, Alicia Kirchner, requested the resignation of all its officials. The reason for this drastic decision would be to oxygenate the management of various internal areas to arrive better armed in November.

At first, the news spread through social networks and although there was no official report, the ADNSUR news portal confirmed that resignations were requested from the position “from under-secretariats upwards.” And according to the Diario Nuevo Día, Alicia Kirchner will ratify in the case only those who consider necessary within the cabinet.

The search for these changes will be to make an attempt to reverse the beating received yesterday where the PJ lost for the first time since 1983. Together for Change reached 38.60% of the votes as a whole (Reyes-Roquel-Mastelán), compared to the 26.46% obtained by the list of the Frente de Todos, backed by the provincial president.

Santa Cruz was one of the provinces that surprisingly turned yellow. Like La Pampa, Chubut, Chaco and the Province of Buenos Aires, these places that were historically won by Peronism / Kirchnerism, yesterday made a 180 ° turn that influenced the final victory of almost 10 points that the opposition had at the level country.

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