After the defeat of the ruling party in Las Paso, José Pablo Feinmann praised Mauricio Macri and criticized the Frente de Todos

Speaking to Radio 10, Feinmann lashed out at the head of state for “doing things as effective as they should have been done in curb inflation, distribute wealth even minimally, that people do not continue to starve. “

“There is a great example for this: Macri. When he loses in the first instance, he starts a tremendous campaign where he puts the body. He goes, he talks everywhere and thus he won more than a million and a half votes, ”Feinmann said about the performance of the opposition after the presidential step in which it fell emphatically in 2019.


Likewise, he described the resilience of the then President of the Nation as “admirable” and acknowledged that he never thought “that Macri, who is called ‘lounge chair tamer’ because he does not like to work or read, he has great pride and ambition to always be on top ”.

Feinmann argued that, on the other hand, Alberto Fernández “is lukewarm, indecisive, hesitant and, on the other hand, he has not been able to do things as effective as curbing inflation and distributing wealth.” In addition, he assured that the government “lacked courage”, and He also shot the vice president Cristina Kirchner.

“What the voter of the Frente de Todos saw lately, which is almost a nightmare, is the slide of Cristina towards the center, towards a pacifying, meek, weak social-democratic position, and that is not the image that Cristina always gave” , he stressed.

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Along these lines, he analyzed that “there was a surprise oppression”, and explained: “Something happened that nobody expected, because Cambiemos did not expect to win so much and the Frente de Todos did not expect to lose so much; I didn’t even expect to lose. But there was something foreseeable and that is that the Government of Alberto Fernández had been very weak for its own, there were some very irritating points for the progress, let’s say, that it had promised and had not fulfilled ”.

With regard to the left, which ranked as the third force at the national level, and Javier Milei, who stood out in the city of Buenos Aires, said: “When we are surprised because the poor vote for the right, we have to think that poverty It is not a guarantee of political clarity, but rather that poverty plunges people into confusion, ignorance, hatred, anger, and they surely voted for Milei because she is very frontal ”.

On the vote of the left, he added: “This front benefits from the lack of courage of a Peronist government. What happened to Vicentin was tragic, shameful. 20, 30, 100 people took to the streets, the usual madmen and they backed off when they thought expropriating, a word that has a Stalinist communist stink ”.

Finally, he pointed out that it is difficult for him to admit that what is called “the people” have voted for Cambiemos, that not only a punishment for the government but “for everyone”, and concluded: “They have regressed whenever they should have advanced. This government does not advance and now it pays the cost ”.

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