After the defeat in the PASO, Capitanich lowered the political line to the mayors of the PJ

Governor Jorge Capitanich convened this Monday, at the Government House, the mayors of the Justicialista Party to analyze the results of the Primary, Simultaneous Open and Mandatory elections last Sunday, in which the Frente de Todos suffered a hard defeat at the provincial level , and diagram a campaign strategy for the general elections on November 14.

On the unfavorable result of the last elections, The president said that “there are three key elements in the claims of citizens: inflation and the increase in the price of food, wages that are not enough and an employment problem that has to do with labor informality.”

In this regard, he assured that the Government and the municipalities are already “working on targeting policies to respond to these claims.”

During the meeting, which was divided into two (one with first-category municipal mayors and the other with second and third category mayors “, Capitanich asked them for “a commitment to work in the territory and solve the problems of citizenship.”

After anticipating that there will be changes in the provincial Cabinet, The governor explained that in the meeting with the communal chiefs they advanced an agenda of 13 strategic points to strengthen policies in the territory, and reported: “We defined the leadership of each mayor in the campaign leadership to strengthen the action and the campaign plan by November 14.”

“I ask you for a commitment to work in the territory and solve the problems of citizenship. Today we have to interpret the voter, understand what their demands are, and resolve them. That is what management is about,” he concluded.


The mayor of Charata, María Luisa Chomiak; from Villa Berthet, Atlanto Honcheruk; from Barranqueras, Magda Ayala; from Castelli, Pío Sander; of General San Martín, Mauro Leiva; Presidency of the Plaza, Diego Bernachea; from Villa Río Bermejito, Julio Paredez; from Isla del Cerrito, José García, from Makallé, Marcelo Angione; from La Escondida, Francisco Winnik; from Colonia Elisa, Pedro Maidana; from Laguna Blanca, José Panzardi; from La Tigra, Alba Sanchez; from San Bernardo, Silvio Miguel Sotelo; from Villa Ángela, Adalberto Papp; from Colonias Unidas, Alicia Leiva; de Fontana, Patricia Rodas; from Las Garcitas, Sergio Dolce and from Fuerte Esperanza, Walter Correa.

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