After the controversy, Las Leoncitas will finally go to the World Cup by invitation



From the team that has been part of the work in view of the Pan American and World Cup, Two representatives of Rosario are part: Candela Nóbile, midfielder for Duendes and Martina Gabutti, forward of GER. Initially Nóbile and Gabutti were not on that first Pan American list but they were on the second list, the emergency one, which tried to qualify for the World Cup with a B team made up of them, other girls who had been training and most of Mendoza who joined to try to help in solving the problem (taking into account the difficulty of finding emergency flights from Buenos Aires to Mendoza and with current restrictions).

The novelty comes as an incentive for the players that with great enthusiasm they had been preparing for what (for many) the World Cup is perhaps the only possibility of putting on the Argentine jersey in a big tournament, since not all those who make up junior processes finally reach the eldest. With this, the Pan American blow hurts less and the World Cup dream is restarted.

The U21 Women’s World Cup will take place in South Africa in December and the men’s (Los Leoncitos did reach that emergency team to qualify) in India, between November and December. And from them the world juniors will begin to be held every two years.


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