after Pierre Ninet, Alexandre Astier confesses to having ghosted Thomas Pesquet

Last July came out Kaamelott: First Stream, the start of an expected trilogy based on the continuity of Alexandre Astier’s successful series. Released while French astronaut Thomas Pesquet was aboard the International Space Station, Astier, undisputed fan of space and astronomy made sure that the former commander of the ISS could view it anyway. However, a long “ghosting” orchestrated by the French director followed.

when alexandre astier ghoste thomas pesquet

Faced with the mobilization of fans and the thousands of signatures collected by a petition, Alexandre Astier allowed Thomas Pesquet to view Kaamelott: First Stream in space, aboard the ISS. A godsend for this fan of Kaamelott, then located 408 kilometers from Earth, in low Earth orbit.

Pesquet then hastened to thank the French director in person, by calling him directly on his cell phone. But since many people in 2021 discovering an unknown number appear on their smartphone, Astier preferred not to answer, fearing to hear the soft voice of a scammer or a telephone salesman after answering.

I don’t know if he liked it, I missed his phone call, “he explains to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on the set of the C à vous show on France 5.Can I tell you something that annoys me? When I get a number on my phone that I don’t know, I don’t answer, as in my opinion a lot of us, because it’s often phone stuff, etc … So I don’t answer. Except this time it was him from the ISS!“.

unknown numbers

However, Alexandre Astier is not the only one to have “ghosted” this unfortunate Thomas Pesquet. In the columns of Release, actor Pierre Ninet, starring in the film Black Box of Yann Gozlan, said he refused calls from Houston, Texas, for several weeks.

Behind these attempts Finally hid the Lyndon B. Johnson space center which oversees the ISS and is responsible for communications between the International Space Station and Earth. Thomas Pesquet was simply trying to reach Pierre Ninet to thank him for the film, then viewed in space.

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