After obtaining the Bronze, Los Pumas Seven have competition for the 2021/2022 season

The Pumas 7 return to competition on the World Tour after winning bronze in Tokyo. Credit: UAR Press.

The Pumas Seven, who were Bronze in the Tokyo Olympic Games, already have an agenda for the next season of the World Tour of reduced play, which has as its end point and cycle the World Cup of the specialty from September 9 to 11, 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa.

The World Seven Series will be launched again and the schedule for the 2022 season is confirmed, which will begin with two stages in Dubai, the first on November 26 and 27, and the second, a week later, on December 3 and 4. .

However, one of the great novelties for this event was the incorporation of two Spanish stages, since from January 21 to 23 and from January 28 to 30, it will be held in Malaga and Seville, respectively, then moving to North America to continue the competition in Vancouver, Canada (February 26 and 27) and Los Angeles, United States (March 5 and 6).

The sevens show will move to Asia to see action in the traditional Hong Kong tournament, from April 1 to 3, and a week later, on April 9 and 10, in Singapore, ending the competition in Europe, with the stages of Toulouse, France (20 to 22 May), and London, England (28 and 29 of the same month).

“The squad is eager to meet again, there is enthusiasm and a desire to continue growing as a team, to continue looking for new challenges: the World Cup is the first, it is the one to come. We are aware that we have a replacement, because several players went to 15, so we are going to have to make up for these absences, try to prevent the team from suffering these losses so much and begin to be competitive as soon as possible. I saw them with great enthusiasm, with great enthusiasm and wanting to continue growing, which is the most important thing, “said Santiago Gómez Cora, head coach of Los Pumas Seven, and added:” The objective of this first part of the circuit is to insert new players with a view to putting together the list of Los Pumas 7s and preparing the team for the 2022 South Africa World Cup ”.

Fixture de la World Seven Series 2022:

November 26 and 27 in Dubai.

December 3rd and 4th in Dubai.

January 21-23 in Malaga.

January 28 to 30 in Seville.

February 26 and 27 in Vancouver.

March 5 and 6 in Los Angeles.

April 1-3 in Hong Kong.

April 9 and 10 in Singapore.

May 20 to 22 Toulouse.

May 28 and 29 in London.

World Sevens

September 9-11, 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa.

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