After massive party in Intercommunal Park: authorities will demand mobility pass and toughen protocols

During this day, different authorities met in the Parque Padre Hurtado, known as the Intercommunal Park, after the massive party that took place last Friday and in which an alleged suspected case of covid-19 arose, which put municipalities and government entities on alert.

The mayor of Las Condes, Daniela Penaloza, his pair of La Reina, Jose Manuel Palacios and the seremi de Salud Metropolitana, Helga Balich, met in the eastern sector of the capital to define the new protocols for admission, among them, the possibility of ask for the mobility pass.

“We want to be categorical and emphatic. What happened on Friday is not an event called by any of the three municipalities, it was something self-convened by young people from whom we should ask for a little more judgment and solidarity“Said Peñaloza. “If we do not have empathy, we will hardly be able to control what each of the citizens does.”

Despite the massive party, they also pointed out that they will not close the Intercommunal Park during this weekend, since “we are not going to prohibit families, other neighbors and those who do comply with health protocols to stop enjoying the outdoors and as a family, but we are going to take more drastic measures“.

In this protocol it appears, precisely, entry control, in order to facilitate traceability in case a suspicion of covid-19 is confirmed. In addition, requesting the mobility pass will be evaluated, especially in places with the greatest interaction, such as the barbecue area.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health reported that a complaint was filed with the Public Ministry, in order to individualize the convenors and, in addition to taking offenses for endangering public health, apply the respective health summary. Also, in parallel, a summary was initiated against the park administration.

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