After intense days of hearings, today will be the allegations in the trial against Lautaro Teruel

This Thursday, October 14, the pleadings in the trial against Marco Lautaro Teruel, accused in a first cause of sexual abuse with aggravated carnal access for the serious damage to the health of the victim in ideal competition with obscene displays continued aggravated in ideal competition with corruption doubly aggravated because it is a under 13 years old and by mediating deception. In the second cause, Teruel was charged by sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated by being committed by two or more people co-authored with Silvio Ezequiel Rodríguez and Gonzalo Isaac Farfán. The criminal prosecutor 1 of the Unit for Crimes against Sexual Integrity, Federico Obeid, intervenes.

During the development of the Trial, which began at the end of September and is nearing its end, the main defendant, Lautaro Teruel, declared and was sorry in relation to the cause of the minor.

“My conscience weighed and it was my need to apologize”, expressed in relation to the victim of the first cause, who in a detailed account told how the abuses that lasted for three years, ruined his life.

At the time of testifying, the complainant, who is 19 years old today, indicated that suffered suicide attempts, eating disorders, cuts, depression and even dropped out of school.

On second causeHe maintained that he never intended to abuse her and that what happened happened only once, because he maintained a friendship with her. She, in her story, assured that she was in a room having consensual sexual relations with one of the young men when unexpectedly Teruel entered and penetrated her. Faced with this situation, the girl’s companion left and the accused would have finished consummating the abuse, leaving her in a state of shock.

About, Teruel acknowledged that he entered the room with the intention of having sex with the victim but assured that he never offered him marijuana. “I would be unable to induce a victim to take advantage of the situation,” he said.

In addition, on the close of the first week of the trial, the another defendant, Silvio Rodriguez qone person burst into tears in the middle of the audience and told his version of events, and claimed to be innocent.

On Tuesday’s session, he chose to declare the co-accused Gonzalo Isaac Farfán, who maintained that the complaint of the second case arose “of an error in the memory of the victim ” and denied his participation in the events denounced. “I want to clarify that I am innocent. I did not undress in front of anyone. I did not participate in any abuse nor would I allow anyone to do something so aberrant. It would not be like me to have such an attitude, ”said the defendant.

Finally he stated that after the night of the event they continued to be friends with the victim until she moved to Buenos Aires and stated that she does not hold a grudge against the young woman, before pleading not guilty. On the same day, they were also reproduced numerous audios and transcripts of chats offered as evidence by the Prosecutor’s Office.

At the end of the testimonial stage and after declaring the three defendants, the pleadings In the debate hearing in charge of Room III of the Court of Trial, chaired by Judge Carolina Sanguedolce and with the voice of judges María Gabriela González and Pablo Farah, will take place from this Thursday, October 14, from 8.30, in the Hall of Grand Trials of the Judicial Power.


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