after Dying Can Wait, MGM started looking for its next 007

Now that the era of Daniel Craig has concluded in To die can wait, MGM began to look for the next actor who will play James Bond in the cinema.

Ever since Sean Connery brought Ian Fleming’s spy to life on the big screen in James Bond 007 vs. Dr. No, the first film in the film franchise, five other actors have won the famous MI6 number with a license to kill: George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and finally Daniel Craig. The latter started in Casino Royale in 2006, before passing the weapon to the left in the last To die can wait, who has thus paved the way for a coming Bondian era.

Even though Barbara Broccoli, who co-owns creative control of the license, said earlier in the year that the studio would not begin research until 2022, the question of Craig’s succession has been discussed for a few years now. First with the rumors highlighting the names of Idris Elba (who refuses to play him), Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill or even more or less serious calls from actors like John Boyega, Tom Holland or more recently Dwayne Johnson.

Caster can wait

Not to mention the many discussions and heated debates around the sex or skin color of the next performer, Cary Fukunaga’s latest film having for the first time given the number 007 to a black woman played by Lashana Lynch, but not for too long, no. more. It is nevertheless good the return of James Bond which was announced at the end of the credits, confirming that the character will remain a man, even if the casting is still wide open according to Pamela Abdy, the president of MGM.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the producer spoke in particular about the future of the franchise and confirmed that the discussions had started internally: “It’s wide open. Very early on we had preliminary conversations with Barbara [Broccoli] and michael [Wilson], but we wanted Daniel to have his last stand first.

Dying Can Wait: Photo, Lashana Lynch007 part-time

Until a name is confirmed, there is still a lot of ink to be spilled on the subject, while suitors are expected to continue to jostle at the gate. In addition to knowing who will put on a tuxedo and do the martinis, the other question will be which filmmaker will go behind the camera to make the 26th film in the James Bond saga, which we have not finished hearing about.

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