After 10 hours of negotiations, Garay was unanimously elected president of the Supreme Court

The conclave, which began at 11 a.m. and ended after 9 p.m. this Thursday, had been quickly split in two due to important differences in the radical sector and later due to disputes between Peronists and radicals, typical of a highly politicized court.

Judge Garay, who joined the highest court of justice in 2018, was proclaimed during a plenary meeting which began on the fourth floor of the provincial courts and was disarmed after a siesta when the Peronists withdrew as a sign of disagreement with the future of the Judiciary.

Later, after some private talks and negotiations, the three Peronist judges returned to the conclave after 7.15pm although not personally but through Zoom.

On the other side, the radicals Garay, Llorente, Day and Valerio in the Judicial Palace.

At 9:15 p.m. the news came from the Court. Garay president until 2023 unanimously, even with the support of Peronism, thanks to the negotiations that guarantee a government plan according to operational and political needs.

The tension

Three issues strained the election of the new president of the Court to an unexpected limit: the formation of the Garay-Day-Llorente bloc, José Valerio’s claim to run but without being able to specify it in an open meeting, and the Peronist bloc’s disagreement with aspects of the Garay’s management and the future of the Judiciary.

Wednesday’s preliminary meeting foreshadowed that Thursday’s plenary would be long-winded at best.

The chosen one

The new head of the Court was born in Jachal, San Juan, and He is a militant of the Radical Civic Union since his times in the Purple Strip.

With Pedro Llorente, José Valerio and Teresa Day they make up the radical wing of the highest court.

Ribbon cutting. Governor Suarez, in a red tie; Dogwood to your left.jpeg

A moment of the inauguration of the Criminal Judicial Pole.

He was Minister of Government of Mendoza during the management of Alfredo Cornejo and had been chief lawyer for Legal Affairs of the General Directorate of Schools.

All the supreme participated in the conclave, even Omar Palermo, from Germany, he did it through virtuality. In court, his colleagues Julio Gómez and Mario Adaro.

The result also places Garay as president of the Third Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court. This court will be completed by the supreme Day and Adaro, who will exercise the ownership of Chambers I (Commercial and Civil) and II (Criminal and Labor).

Room I was made up of Day, Pedro Llorente and Gómez and Room II by Adaro, Valerio and Palermo.

Day and Adaro run these rooms because of the biannual rotating nature of that function.

Zero minute

The first management of Garay begins at the head of the Judicial Power of Mendoza.

From June 2020 to date had completed the mandate that Jorge Nanclares left unfinished when he resigned to retire.

This period, marked by the coronavirus pandemic, was characterized by events that favored Garay when he applied for and was elected head of the Court: although the public service was reduced, it never stopped being provided, the process of transformation of the criminal jurisdiction advanced and the new Criminal Judicial Pole was inaugurated, icons that had the imprint of the criminal lawyer José Valerio.

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