Africa Zavala, from Overcoming the Past, wore some transparencies that ignited social networks

Overcome the Past It is one of the telenovelas with the highest audience of all Latin America. It tells the story of Renata who is a young and prominent molecular biologist. He has an enviable job and is about to marry Alonso, her boyfriend from college. A video where he appears kissing a coworker due to a confusion brings him serious consequences.

The aforementioned telenovela was released on July 12 and so far only one season has been broadcast that can be seen on the channel The stars. This novel came to supplant What happens to my family? This great cast has the participation of great actors and actresses of the stature of Angelique Boyer, Sebastian Rulli and Erika Buenfil.

However, as the first chapters passed, one of the actresses who is giving what to talk about is the Mexican actress, model and personality. Africa Ivonne Lettuce Zavala, known artistically, as Africa Zavala. She started her career at age 21, and received her first television break in the comedy series Under the same roof, from the producer Gerardo Quiroz.

Clearly this popularity that he possesses is reflected in the social networks Since every time she makes a publication on her official accounts, her followers react immediately with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments praising how beautiful she is today as well as everything she shares about her artistic career.

A clear example of this is a post he made Africa Zavala recently on your profile Instagram. There she shared a photo where she can be seen wearing transparencies that undoubtedly turned on the networks. It was also confirmed that the Aztec artist has great beauty as well as a slender figure.


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