Afghanistan: Pakistani airline PIA announces first flight to Kabul

AFGHANISTAN.- The Pakistani airline ALSO announced on Saturday a first commercial flight to Afghanistan, among the first by a foreign company since the Taliban took Acceptance on August 15, although he warned that regular traffic will depend on the result of the operation.

“A Airbus A320 It will fly on Monday at 7.30am (2.30 GMT) from Islamabad to Kabul. He will stay there for an hour before returning, “a spokesman for the state airline, Abdullah Hafeez, told Efe.

it will serve to evaluate how they control the flight situation from Kabul airport, and then we will decide if we send more flights or not, “said the source about this first flight.

“On the way back, 73 people belonging to an international aid agency will travel on board. They belong to different nationalities but most are Afghans, “he said.

Qatar Airways

The source added that “the insurance companies say this is a war zone, so they are charging large sums, that’s why we have not relaunched our daily operations“.

Last Thursday, the Qatari airline Qatar Airways organized the first “regular” flight from the Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul since the departure of the last US soldiers on August 31.

According to the PIA spokesperson, however, the Qatari company limited itself to charter flights, and not purely commercial ones.

A Qatari team has been in Kabul since the end of the US withdrawal on August 31 to help operate the airport from the Afghan capital, while several countries in the area have been chartering since the end of last week flights with humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

The Taliban seized control of Kabul on August 15, at the end of the final withdrawal of troops from United States and NATO.

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The new interim government of the Taliban, announced this week, has received criticism from the international community for being composed solely of members of the fundamentalist formation and lacking women.

More than a dozen members of the new cabinet of the Taliban interim government are also listed on the terrorist blacklist of the UN Security Council, many of them with arrest warrants by US agencies.

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