Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Mariana Carrizo and Tina Turner turn their birthday

Turns 90: Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Born in Buenos Aires on November 26, 1931, he is an Argentine activist, sculptor and painter, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1980, prominent as a defender of human rights and the right of free self-determination of peoples, defender of the resistance proponent of liberation theology.

In 1980 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to the defense of Democracy and Human Rights by non-violent means against the military dictatorships in Latin America.

Tribute by the President of the Nation, last year to forty years of the Nobel Prize.

The President honored the Nobel Peace Prize, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

On November 26, 1964 he passed away Julio Sosa , In Buenos Aires city. Uruguayan-born tango singer, whose full name was Julio María Sosa Venturini, nicknamed “El Varón del Tango”, who rose to fame in the 1950s and 1960s.

He was 38 years old. Some tangos that were successful in his voice: Cambalache, Rencor, María, Tarde, Nada and many more.

Tango Cambalache sung by Julio Sosa

Roberto Alfredo «el Negro» Fontanarrosa He was born in Rosario on November 26, 1944 and died in the same city on July 19, 2007, he was an Argentine graphic humorist and writer. He excelled as a cartoonist from the 70s, in the magazine Hortensia and later in Clarín. Creator of Inodoro Pereyra and Boogie el Aceitoso, he found another vein in literature, with storybooks such as Trains kill cars, The greatest of my defects, The table of gallants and The world has lived wrong. He also published three novels: Best Seller, El area 18 and La Gansada. Died in 2007

One of his best-known quotes about football is: “If I had to put background music in my life, it would be the transmission of football matches.” Today is “Comedian’s Day” in his honor.

Microbe: Roberto Fontanarrosa – Canal Encuentro

He turns 38: On November 26, 1983 he was born Mariana carrizo , in the town of Angastaco, Department of San Carlos, Province of Salta. Bagualera and coplera.

It exercises the oldest song: that of the copla. She is bagualera since she was born.

From his early years he stood out for his participation in the different acts of his elementary school, singing native melodies of Argentine popular music.

Numerous festivals have consecrated it until reaching the maximum award for a folk artist, which is the Cosquín “Consecration” Award, a distinction he received in 2004. To enrich his song, which recreates the different styles of triphonic melody, he carries out several studies referring to the subject, turning them into didactic talks in various educational establishments in the provinces.

Charming video made in our province for his version of Doña Ubenza.

Mariana Carrizo – Doña Ubenza – Ly M. Chacho Echenique

Every November 26, the Chemist’s Day in Argentina, in homage to Enrique Herrero Ducloux, first doctor in Chemistry of our country. Spanish by birth, nationalized Argentine developed his extensive work as a university professor with great notoriety.


2003: the plane Concorde performs the last of its flights, prohibited by the noise pollution caused by the sonic boom when accelerating.

The Last Flight Of The Concorde

On November 26, 2013 he passed away Hedgar Di Fulvio, in the City of Córdoba. Poet, singer, guitar maker, composer of Cordovan origin.

Parallel to his career linked to art, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Córdoba and developed the specialty of Pediatrics, occupying various management positions in medical institutions. He carried out numerous research works on Argentine customs and some of his texts achieved international recognition.

Works: To Don Edmundo Cartos – To Jesús María – A taco yago – Goodbye Córdoba – Araucano – Canto al Paraná (with Martin Omar Saade) – Cordovan Chacarera – Cosco inna – De Areco pa Don Segundo – El mal carry (with Rubén Santamaría) – Skull rooster, etc.

Hedgar_Di Fulvio.wmv

He is 82 years old. On November 26, 1939, the singer was born Tina Turner.

In 2013, he acquired Swiss nationality, while renouncing his American nationality, and confirmed that year that he was retiring from music forever. Version of one of its classics achieved with current technology

Kygo, Tina Turner – What’s Love Got to Do with It

It turns 56 years old. On November 26, 1965 he was born Javier Malosetti, Argentine musician.

Map (At home) Javier Malosetti 2020

Turns 28: A day like today in 1993 was born Benito Cerati , Chilean singer and musician, son of Argentine guitarist Gustavo Cerati.

A recent report …

Interview with Benito Cerati, and presentation of his new work “Cerca” – Mañanas Públicas

Oscar Alem He was born in Olavarría on November 23, 1941 and died in Buenos Aires on November 26, 2017, he was an Argentine musician, pianist, double bass player and composer. He was bassist for “Mono” Villegas, he also played with Astor Piazzolla, Horacio Salgán, Lalo Schifrin.

After his jazz stage he went on to tango and folklore playing and composing for interpreters of the stature of Mercedes Sosa, Jairo, María Elena Walsh, Suma Paz among many others.

Oscar Alem – Chacarera del Domingo

In 2019 the Legislature building was inaugurated on the premises adjacent to the Civic Center of the city of Córdoba. The new headquarters has extensive facilities to house the 70 legislators and a large room for sessions. The opening ceremony was attended by Governor Juan Schiaretti and authorities from the three powers.

Note from Channel 10 with Valeria Gamboa touring the building at that time …

Today the new Legislature building will be inaugurated

In 1903 the composer and pianist was born Sebastián Piana. Author of “Ropa blanca”, “Milonga del 900”, “Milonga de los fortines”, “Milonga de Juan Manuel”, “Milonga de Puente Alsina”, he was president of the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo. He died in 1994.

Fragment of a program in which he presented the same year of his death at the San Martín Theater in Buenos Aires, conducted by Hilda Herrera and Juan Falú …

Sebastián Piana “Blind Old Man”

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