Adobe sends Photoshop to the clouds

As you will have noticed, we use more and more software via an Internet browser. This has long been the case for messaging via webmail. Office suite programs such as Word or Excel, for the best known, are already available online. This is called a “SaaS” Software as a Service” solution or in French: “software as a service”. The program is not installed on your computer, but in a browser. The software runs on remote servers.

Adobe, creator of graphic design and marketing software, has already taken the plunge with the web version of Lightroom. The firm has just launched its two flagship programs, Photoshop and Illustrator, in beta version, in an online version.

The advantage is that you no longer have to install your software. They are always up to date and available anywhere on any computer.

I tested the Photoshop version, which you can find at To access it for now, the easiest way is to share a file online with the email address of your Adobe account (see below in this article) and choose to open it in the beta version of the software. The software only works on Chrome and Edge browsers.

The interface is not far from the software version installed on the computer. A lot of tools are already accessible such as the move arrow, transformation, selectors, brush, eraser, paint bucket, tonal corrector, cropping, adding text, importing files in the creation, eyedropper and color picker. On the left, the layers palette with corrections and creation of masks as well as properties and appearance (blend and opacity). Adobe has kept keyboard shortcuts identical to the computer version. Tools that have not yet been integrated include: curves, edge enhancement, image size modification, built-in tutorials, raw file support, lighten and darken tool, display of grids and guides, creation and visualization of dynamic objects, content-based filling, improvement of image sharpness.

During the test, the modifications on the files were fast. We find our marks very quickly. The only slowdown noticed is when opening the file in the page, which sometimes causes an error.

Adobe sends Photoshop to the clouds

Sharing and comments

Adobe has also improved communication between suppliers and customers. Since the latest version of Photoshop and Illustrator, you can send your creation for correction to another person. They don’t need to have the software or licenses, but still have an Adobe account. The only condition is that your work is saved online in your personal storage space. To share the file, simply click on the share icon, which allows the creation of a link that can be sent directly or copied and pasted into an email. This sharing will authorize the other person to view your work in a web page. He can then annotate directly on the drawing by adding pins or make drawings using a pencil of which he can choose the color. Boxes for writing comments are associated with it each time. Once the window is closed, all these comments are found in the window called by the same name in the program. This is where you can set sharing permissions.

This should facilitate and increase the speed of validation of the work performed. It is no longer necessary to send versions with each modification of your work, a single link is enough.

Adobe sends Photoshop to the clouds

Adobe Creative Cloud express

Adobe has also revised its Spark online creation software for social networks: it is now called Creative Cloud Express. It is available on the web, IOS and Android. There are gathered tools to create content intended to be shared. We can start from models to modify or from a new project. Different images, videos, typographies, logos… are offered. This product also includes Rush and Photoshop Express software for modifying images and editing videos.

The process is very intuitive and does not require advanced knowledge in graphic design. The interface is practical, intuitive and quick to use.

The free version already offers a large number of elements. For people who have a paid account, the content is more extensive and it gives you access to the firm’s image bank.

With this product, Adobe competes with other platforms that offer the same content creation service for networks.

Improved selections in Lightroom

Cropping an object or a person to make a montage or change the colors takes time. For several versions, Adobe has used its Adobe Sensei engine to refine selections. Already present in Photoshop, the automatic selection of objects or people is entering the photo editing program Lightroom under the “mask” window. By clicking on the person to be cropped, the software creates a mask around it to apply the desired color corrections. It is still possible to modify the selection using the brush.

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